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10. Slide Show 0.51

This is a simple application that shows images as a slideshow

10. Slide Show is a slideshow creator and player for Windows. It is a very plain, very basic application that allows you to create slideshows from your pictures. You can play your slideshow as a full-screen presentation on your computer and save it for later playback. However, this program lacks export options. It saves to a proprietary format that only 10. Slide Show can read. So, the slideshows that you create using this tool can only be watched by someone who has it installed.

There are two modes of creating slideshows. The first one scans a folder (and optionally sub-folders) and adds all the pictures that it finds. The second one allows you to do it manually. Both modes allow the addition of music backgrounds.

If sharing is not a big concern for you, then I can say that I like the slideshows. But they don't have any fade in/fade out effects, and you can only modify the delay between pictures and whether a picture should remain its size or stretch to fit the screen. Slideshows can be paused, and you can either watch different pictures one by one automatically, or you can go forward and backward using the arrow keys.

I can see a few problems in the application beside the lack of export options. The most annoying one is that it uses the old way of navigating your system files. Remember when you had to select your hard drive, then Documents and Settings, then your username, then Desktop to find your pictures? Well, this application makes you relive that nightmare all over again. It is an inefficient way of handling files.

José Fernández
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  • Supports music backgrounds
  • Easy way to create a simple slideshow


  • No fade in/out effects
  • Ancient way of navigating files makes it hard to find what you want quickly
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